818 Sports Car

in 2014 Experience Aviation partnered with the Lancaster Independent School District along with Texas Instrument to construct a STEM car with 60 high school CTE students. Lancaster ISD initiative in partnering with Experience Aviation was to incorporate more hands-on learning opportunities for students within their district. On completion of this car, we were able to celebrate its success along with students by leading the annual Dallas, Texas Parade.

in 2015 Experience Aviation brought this experience to 40 high school CTE students in the Lamar School District in Houston, Texas. Before the inception of the car build, the Lamar School District was facing a low percentage of student interest within their CTE automotive program. Upon completion of the car build the Lamar School District as a result was able to successfully gauge the interest of over 200+ CTE students registering for automotive classes… a huge success.

Project Details :


2014 & 2015


Houston, Texas
Lancaster, Texas

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