Ford Daytona ’65 Coupe

In the fall of 2016, Experience Aviation partnered with DeKalb County School District in Atlanta, Georgia, along with Ford Motor Company Fund, to work on a unique project. Over 40 middle and high school students, using nearly 1,000 parts, constructed a working, replica 1965 Ford Daytona Coupe designed by Factory Five Racing Inc. Students spent 18 weeks assembling the car which features a Ford 306 engine kicking 350 horsepower, a Ford TK5 transmission and a new independent rear suspension. The car and students were recently featured at a DeKalb County School Board meeting to celebrate their amazing accomplishment.

With the success in Atlanta, Experience Aviation was fortunate to bring this project to Ford’s home state of Michigan. In 2017, working with both the Detroit Public Schools Community District and the Ford Motor Company Fund, another beautiful ’65 Daytona Coupe was assembled, this time by over 50 Detroit high school students. The impressive build was recently unveiled at Ford’s Dearborn Development Center test track.

This hands-on project taught vital skills, providing students an up-close look at how science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics come together. The goal was to inspire and excite kids while increasing awareness of technology-based career opportunities.

Building a fast, precise, beautiful piece of machinery is awesome. Having it built by the kids of our communities, that’s priceless.

Project Details :


2016 & 2017


Atlanta, Georgia
Detroit, Michigan

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